My workshop, seminar, webinar, and conference break-out programs are designed for in depth discussions and dialogue. The exchanges in these sessions always rich, helpful, heartwarming, and motivational. The following themes can also be presented as a keynote program and then followed by a workshop. Every program is customized based on the specific program needs of each client.

Just a few possible workshop topics include:

  • Recruiting Man-Makers – Strategies for Getting Men Involved in Your Mentoring Organization
  • How to start a “Young Guy’s (support) Group” in Your School or Spiritual Community
  • Creating Meaningful Rite of Passage Experiences for Boys
  • What Parents Can Do – Connecting Boys with Good Men

My workshops are:

  • Anywhere from one hour to a full day long
  • Full of storytelling, humor, and lots of audience involvement
  • Supported with handout materials and practical/implementable actions
  • Designed to develop understanding and inspire people to take action
  • Tailored to your audience, business goals, or meeting theme

To discuss these topics, or any related ideas you might have, send me a quick note and I’ll get back to you soon. I love co-creating programs around Man-Making content which can lead to support for young men.

Use this link to learn about my Man-Making Keynote Programs.