Recruiting Man-Makers

Strategies for Getting Men Involved

Across the ages and across the generations, it has been men who were the man-makers for young males. It was the men who took it as their sacred responsibility to intentionally set boys on the path to a positive and successful manhood. Sadly, as all mentoring groups know, in spite of an epidemic of under-male-nourished boys and men being hardwired for supporting them, today’s man-makers have largely disappeared.

In the research for my book, Man-Making – Men Helping Boys on Their Journey to Manhood, I’ve discovered a number of predictable and some not-so-predictable barriers men encounter when they are invited to step into the role of mentor or man-maker for a boy or boys. These findings point to the need to target marketing messages directly at men’s “resistance factors,” and to use new and innovative approaches to invite and attract men into the role of man-makers for boys. To in fact

    become a “male literate” organization.

This program is a combination of lecture and discussion in which we will share ideas and organizational success in attracting men to the important work of mentoring boys. The goal is to leave the session with new eyes, fresh approaches, and increased motivation for getting more men involved in mentoring activities.

In this program some of what we’ll explore includes:

  • Why Men Don’t Show Up for Boys – Barriers to involvement men reported in my research, an overview of men’s deepest fears and most common concerns.
  • The Continuum of Involvement – Suggestions for new ways to market to men and for designing programs that build “masculine gravity,” leading men to naturally want more involvement with young males.
  • Marketing Messages for Men – How to think about the language, images, and graphic choices that appeal to rather than repel men.
  • Male Literate Organizations – What are the attributes of a mentoring organization that can really say, “We get men”?
  • Where To Find Good Men – Some fresh ideas about where to find potential male mentors.
  • What Men Get – A clear description of what men get when they’re involved in man-making and how to design your marketing around these themes.
  • Shared Success Stories – Sharing ideas about what has worked and the possibilities.

To learn more about this program, you can download this PDF describing the Recruiting Man-Makers Workshop, and my bio. Or you can simply send me message now.

Here is what meeting planners are saying about this presentation:

Big Bro Big Sis Ocean State

Hey Earl, just a quick note to say the Calling Men to the Table workshop you did for our Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State agency was really amazing. It has created quite the buzz here and our people are continually referring to the content.

In addition, changes are already underway in our agency. We have a new awareness of the importance of using “guy language” and images in our materials, we are looking at changing some of our program offerings, and we’re even changing the look of our offices to be more male friendly.

I’m really excited to report that our “Men’s Advisory Group” is launching next month! Thanks to your guidance we are way more “guy literate,” and will soon be bringing more men toward our organization. If you need a reference, have people contact me. We really appreciate what you taught us.

Emily Hampton
Program Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State
(401) 921-2434 – Ext. 104

Dear Earl,

The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota thanks you for helping to make the 2007 Minnesota Mentoring Conference – Mentoring Across Generations: Connecting Today’s Volunteers with Today’s Youth, a great success! When asked about their overall workshop experience, participants identified “workshops” as the feature that they value most when attending the MN Mentoring Conference.

The evaluation responses for your workshop, Recruiting Man-Makers, were extremely positive. You rated very high in meeting participant expectations, your presentation skills, providing usable content, and in people being glad they attended your workshop.

I want to thank you for your involvement, and regarding future presentations, I do hope that you will “save the date” for next year’s conference and consider presenting a workshop again!


April McHugh
Director of Training & Community Partnerships
Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota
81 South 9th Street, Suite 200 Minneapolis, MN 55402
Direct phone: (612) 370-9148

St. Louis County Health and Human Services Conference I want to again thank you for your willingness to design, develop, and implement the “Recruiting Man-Makers: Strategies for Getting Men Involved” presentation. It is indeed your personal initiative and dedication to quality that helped make our conference so successful. Our collaborative conference design helped bring in record attendance – near 1800 participants.

Here are some typical comments from your evaluations:

  • “Wonderful Speaker! Very poignant information. Went right to the heart of the issue and offered real solutions.”
  • “Great content! Thanks for keeping this needed conversation going.”
  • “Excellent information on such an important and often ignored topic!”
  • “Very well presented, and much needed!”

We do hope you consider submitting another presenter proposal for next years meeting!

Mary Bridget Lawson – Conference Chair
St. Louis County Human Services Conference
Phone: (218) 726-2140

Dear Earl,

Thank you speaking at our DeMolay University. You really made quite an impact in your session for the young men and also the adult advisers. The boys really opened up and talked, and they thought you did an excellent job. It was clear you captured their interest and thoughts. I received many comments of how interesting and motivating you were, and they would like you to come back again. The young men did thank us advisers and that felt good. It is encouraging for all we men put into the effort. So well done.

A BIG thanks for your message to us, and I will talk with you soon

Gary Garafola
Executive Officer, AZ Jurisdiction
DeMolay International

To learn more about this program, send Earl a message now.

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