Man-Making Keynote

At it’s heart, this keynote is about Men Helping Boys on Their Journey to Manhood. Here are just a few examples of ideas we can combine into a compelling and motivational program:

  • The need for guidance by older men hardwired into adolescent males… and what happens to them when men don’t show up.
  • Understanding the ancient job description of Man-Maker, hardwired into men . . . whether they realize it or not.
  • The common and predictable barriers keeping men from stepping up for boys, and which insulate men from the gifts waiting for them in man-making activities.
  • How men can reclaim the missing pieces of their masculine identity and esteem by stepping forward to help a boy or boys.
  • The Continuum of Involvement, and many low risk ways men can have a positive influence in boy’s lives.
  • How women in the audience can encourage the men in their lives to become man-makers, and where to find good men to mentor their boys.

Most importantly, I can guarantee by the end of the program, every person present, regardless of their level of commitment to this work, will have identified a number of personally comfortable actions they can take in service to boys.

If experience is any predictor, there is little question this keynote will be a an uplifting and transformational experience for your audience.

Download this PDF with a general description of the Recruiting Man-Makers Keynote, some “happy customer” kudos, and my bio.

Or just  send me a note and let’s talk about how to build the perfect program for your group.

Here is what one meeting planner and the conference attendees said about previous presentation:

St. Louis County Health and Human Services
On behalf of the St. Louis County Health and Human Services Conference I want to thank you for your willingness to design, develop, and provide the “Man-Making – Men Helping Boys on Their Journey to Manhood” program. It is indeed your personal initiative and dedication to quality that helped make our conference so successful.

Here are some typical comments from your evaluations:

* “You present creative solutions and a solid call to action for a growing problem, thanks.”
* “Excellent program. I hope we have more on this topic in the years to come!”
* “Great presentation…good material and lots of food for though.”
* “I loved the stories and all the audience sharing.”
* “I am a mother of 3 sons and found this program to be very helpful. I will pass this information on to my husband and brother.”

Mary Bridget Lawson – Conference Chair

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