About Earl Hipp

Earl Hipp knows a lot about man-making!
Earl HippEarl Hipp, M.A., is an author, speaker, adviser to mentoring groups, and community consultant. Since 1982, he has consistently been involved with groups and organizations that focus on men’s issues and development. Since 2006 his focus has been on organizations supporting young males. His most recent book is for men, titled, Man-Making – Men Helping Boys on Their Journey to Manhood.

Earl speaks at national conferences and delivers workshops across the country, teaching organizations how to call men to mentoring. He has worked with communities on violence prevention by developing initiatives to get adult men involved with boys and community life. He has led and participated in many rites of passage initiations and group mentoring activities for men and boys. He has helped design and establish school support circles for young males. Since 2005 Earl has published the Man-Making Blog. It discusses manhood, male culture, mentoring, and men’s rites of passage.

As a direct result of his interest in man-making, Earl works with boys who are or have been incarcerated, maintains a number of ongoing mentoring relationships, offers coaching to mentors, and personally sponsors boys-and-men events. Today he is involved with a variety of groups and organizations who are calling men into service to boys.

Earl describes himself as a man who was under-fathered and under-male-mentored in adolescence – a man who was “left with the women and children to figure out manhood on his own.” Today he is using his instructional and motivational skills to do something about what he calls the “epidemic of under-male-nourished boys” in the world.

His personal mission is to do whatever he can to ensure fewer boys and men will be left to wander alone in the dangerous never-never land between boyhood and manhood. He intends to inspire men to turn their natural skills as man-makers into action. He holds a vision that, someday, all adolescent males will be surrounded by good men who will intentionally launch and then support them on their journey into manhood.

Earl has written seven books about and for adolescents, which together have sold almost half a million copies. His books for adolescents are on themes such as coping with the stresses in their lives, moving through grief and loss, and understanding the violence in our communities.

Earl has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Applied Psycho-physiology, and a background as a clinical psychotherapist.