What Men Say

What Men Say about Man-Making
A whole lot of men (and a few women) helped me write the Man-Making book. As part of my research, I asked men a series of challenging questions about boyhood and their journey toward manhood. Their brutally honest replies cover a wide range of the masculine experience, and clearly speak to both the hunger and critical need for men’s involvement in boy’s lives. Here is a sample of some of the questions I used. They can be the basis for a lively discussion for any group of men, and they are guaranteed to take men back to the heart of their journey to manhood.

I’m currently writing an ebook that will contain all the questions, men’s responses, and a guide on how to use this tool in calling men to be man-makers. If you are interested now, give me a shout.

Men’s Stories – Since publication, I have been hearing from men about their Man-Making experiences. Their stories are inspirational examples of men reaching out to boys in a variety of ways, and proof that every man can make a difference in some way. These stories are powerful evidence of men’s transformational influence in boy’s lives.