Man-Making Book

The Man-Making Book Cover

The Man-Making book is a practical and inspirational guidebook for men. It shows them how to awaken and apply their instinctive man-making skills. In this book, every man, regardless of his level of commitment to this work, will find something he can do to support a boy or boys on the journey to manhood.
As a man reading this book, you will:

  • Realize how adolescent boys desperately need men in their lives.
  • Recognize that you already possess all the knowledge and instinctual talents needed to move young males toward successful manhood.
  • Learn about five types of involvement and a broad range of man-making actions that make a positive difference in boys’ lives.
  • Discover the many ways your life and others’ will be transformed when you use your natural skills as a maker of men.

YOUR Call to Action:This book is the answer to the man-making call you hear. Right now, there are boys around you who need the benefit of your wisdom and support to grow into responsible and self-assured men. You ARE the right man for this work, NOW is the time, and the boys are waiting. Will you answer the call?

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Thank you for caring about boys.

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