Earl’s Other Books

Since 1985, in addition to the Man-Making book, I have published a number of books for young people. These books are on themes such as stress management, grief and loss, self-esteem, and violence prevention. Together they have sold almost a half-million copies. If you’re interested, you can learn about some of these books below. Contact Earl with any questions!

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Fighting Invisible TigersFighting Invisible Tigers: Stress Management for Teens
I wrote this book to help young people understand what was going on “inside” when they are at the limits of their ability to cope with their world. They will learn about the “normal” feelings, physical symptoms, and other signals that indicate a person is living too close to the edge. I also describe both long term (life skills) and short term strategies for becoming more stress resilient. There is a helpful section of the book that helps young people know what to do with “tiger bites,” what to do RIGHT NOW if they are feeling stressed out, at their limits, and don’t know where to turn.

Almost a quarter of a million happy customers can’t be wrong.
This is THE book for young people on the subject of stress.

Reading Level: Young Adult, Revised and Updated Edition, Paperback, Published by FreeSpirit Publishing, Publication date: March 2008, Dimensions (in inches): 0.42 x 8.96 x 6.02, ISBN: 0915793806

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Help For The Hard TimesHelp for the Hard Times: Getting Through Loss
Adolescence is really another word for loss. It’s a time in a young persons life that is just full of large and small losses. Unfortunately, this is also a time in their lives when they have the least life experience, a very limited emotional vocabulary, and are poorly equipped to understand and cope with these emotion laden events. The result of their attempts to cope with losses at this age, are sometimes tragic and almost always result in more suffering than necessary. This book will help any teenager to better cope with their losses and resulting grief. It’s a great book for adults too!

My wife and I send you many thanks for your “Help for the Hard Times” book. Your book helped me help some adolescents keep themselves alive when they felt suicidal. As a high school social worker, I gave copies to students I was counseling, to their families, to their school teachers, and to the high school library so other teens could check it out. In addition to young people, we work with many university graduate students and faculty. The truth, simplicity, and depth of your work touches all their hearts and helps them grieve their losses. Blessings to you and on your work.
Patrick Kane, LCSW, DCSW
Pam Mauch, PhD, psychologist.

Reading Level: Young Adult, Paperback, Published by Hazelden, Publication date: October 1995, Dimensions (in inches): 0.46 x 9.99 x 6.73, ISBN: 1568380852

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Feed Your HeadFeed Your Head: Some Excellent Stuff on Being Yourself

This book contains more that thirty (short attention span) chapters on topics of interest to young people. Topics such as: The Perfect Body; Sideways Anger; Eskimo Feelings; About Parents; Why Kids Use; SEX-You Need To Know; The Courage To Dream; If-Only-ing Yourself and many more, each have a “What Other Kids Say” section. This book is used widely in school and church based support groups as a dialog starter. It’s the best kids “bathroom” book around. Just leave it on the table or give it to a young person you care about. It’s a great way to quietly say, “I care about you.”

Reading Level: Ages 9-12, Paperback, 137 pages, Published by Hazelden, Publication date: December 1991, Dimensions (in inches): 0.46 x 9.98 x 6.78, ISBN: 0894867555

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