The following PDF articles are available for downloading. They cover some of the most commonly asked questions from audience members in my programs. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Questions for Men about Man-Making
In Questions for Men about Man-Making, you’ll find some of the research questions I asked of men who were willing to contribute their stories to the Man-Making book. Each question is certain to stir a powerful discussion about Man-Making for any group of men.

Why Men Don’t Mentor Boys
In Why Men Don’t Mentor Boys, I’ve detailed some of the significant personal and societal barriers men face when the consider stepping up to become a man-maker for a boy or boys. These are the kinds of barriers I help groups address in my training workshops and presentations.

How to Create a Boy’s Rite-of-Passage Ceremony
The article, Rite of Passage, describes a ceremony I helped a friend create to launch his son off to college. It’s not THE definitive guide, but it offers some very important lessons for those wanting to do something similar. First, it provides template you can build on for a similar moment in a young male’s life. Second, and maybe more importantly, I hope it gives you permission to trust your male instincts and allows you to try something! You really are hardwired for this work and wouldn’t be reading this far if you didn’t feel a strong call to action. Trust it and read this document.

Group Opening Questions
If you’re working with teen boys in a group, asking a check-in question is a good way to start a meeting. Questions invite participation, increase member familiarity, and increase acceptance of one another. The Group Opening Questions document contains a good list of possible group opening questions.

Men in Schools – for Boys
One powerful way men are showing up for young males is to do guys only support groups in schools. In Men in Schools – for Boys you will read about a pilot program started by a group of men in Virginia. Their success is both understandable and not uncommon. This interview describes one approach for any group of men who want to do something for the boys in their community.

Books for Single Moms
Books for Single Moms, is not really an “article,” but rather a listing of books that may be helpful for single (or any) moms wanting to support the launch of their adolescent sons on the journey toward manhood.